About Us

The powerful bond between a dog and their human is unlike anything else. Through good times and bad, your hound is there to support you and adore you. They may sometimes question your decisions or feel neglected, but their loyalty is never in question. Yes, much like the sports fan and their favourite team.

Tog knows that us dog lovers who are also diehard sports fans are an extra special breed. It goes without saying that we’d want to share our game day passion with our best buddies!

So, because human sports jerseys fit hopelessly on our four-legged friends, we decided to design their very own line of sports pet clothing.

Dog jerseys, sweaters, jackets – along with making authentic-looking team gear, we’ve made sure it’s designed to be as comfortable as it can be. We only use quality breathable and non-toxic materials in a wide range of sizes. Our dog clothing includes V-shaped bellies prevent boys from misfiring and neck openings make for easy leash hook ups.

We’re passionate about bringing our love for dogs and sports together with quality pet gear.

That’s why we’re so proud to be officially licensed manufacturers of NHL  petwear and providing you with our line of classic Streetwear for pet.

We hope you enjoy. Here’s to happy sports hounds everywhere.

Tog is a Karsuh company
Karsuh activewear Inc. is a clothing designer and manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada since 1993.